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Walton as pictured in the
Bee-Hive on 30 January 1875.
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Alfred Armstrong Walton

Born in Hexham,
Died in London,
7 March 1883



Alfred A. Walton was one of the lesser-known radical politicians of working-class origin in the mid-Victorian era. He was a prolific author of newspaper contributions on most political and social questions of his time, with a particular interest in land and parliamentary reform. He also was active in important democratic societies, such as the International Working Men's Association (IWMA, First International), the Reform League and several co-operative building schemes.

On this website, you may find information about him which has partly not been published in other places.

  1. The entry on Walton in the Dictionary of Labour Biography, vol. 10. This entry was published in 2000. The online-version you find here is a corrected version of the printed edition.
  2. A biographical study on Walton, originally submitted as an MA-thesis at the Centre for the Study of Social History at the University of Warwick in 1993. This is the most comprehensive account of his life so far. The HTML-edition omits the footnotes; for a full citable version see the open-access publication at tuprints.
  3. For Walton's activities in Wales, see:
    Detlev Mares: A Radical in Wales. Alfred A. Walton and mid-Victorian Welsh Popular Radicalism, Welsh History Review 21 (2002), pp. 271-291.


Hole House - residence of the Walton family in 1821, at the time when Walton was baptised.
Picture taken from: Hilary Kristensen: Memories of Hexhamshire (Wagtail Press).

Miscellaneous information on Alfred A. Walton on the internet:

Robbery on him in 1863 (www.oldbaileyonline.org)

Walton's involvement in Shaftesbury Park project (www.english-heritage.org.uk; see also: https://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/architecture/research/survey-of-london/battersea/documents/50.12_Shaftesbury_Park.pdf)

For further information and source material on A. A. Walton, feel free to write me an email.


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